My prices vary according to whether I COME TO YOU to your apartment,
business or favorite local café (Manhattan only) or whether YOU COME TO ME
to my office on the Upper West Side.

The greatest savings are available through choosing lesson packages
of ten lessons (10% savings) or twenty lessons (15% savings).

Years of experience have shown me that the ideal length for a French lesson
to last is an hour and a half.

If a student comes for only one hour, they have to leave just as
they are making real progress. If they stay for two hours, however,
they begin to lose concentration during the last thirty minutes.

Therefore, all of my French lessons are 90 MINUTES LONG.

(Special hour-long only classes can be arranged for children.)

1 lesson
$80 (90 mins)
$125 (90 mins)
10 pack
$720 (10% off) $1125 (10% off)  
20 pack
$1360 (15% off)
$2125 (15% off)